Arcos was founded in 1994 as a company specializing in cabling and wiring of luminaires. Over time, we have focused on the market of public lighting with specialization in lightingpoles for public spaces, lightingpoles for sporting grounds and flagpoles. All with the possibility of including luminaries and placement.

Different situations, different products

Depending on your needs, we can offer different proposals, matching the function, final image and budget.
Below you can find some of our realizations.

When price takes precedence over aesthetics, we speak of functional masts.
These come in various shapes and sizes available, cylindrical, conical, octagonal, square ...
Each in accordance with the current standards.

When the lighting column is more than just a lighting element and contributes to the perception of a public space , we speak of decorative lighting poles. Our range contains infinite possibilities to provide the appropriate column for every situation, tailored to the needs and wishes and budget.

Realization of your own ideas in accordance with desired design and material.

For every situation, with the possibility of placing


We offer a variety of applications such as attachments, wall brackets, anchors, ..

Wooden outdoor lighting that is not in nature, but is one with nature.

Arcos you partner for wooden lighting,


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